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Updates, observations and ruminations from the farm.


Mostly, it's a load of old muck. Sometimes, it's more like drowning in mud. In and amongst the grunge, if you keep your eyes peeled, there is always the possibility of  magic.  


Here, we dish the lot.

Exciting times

By julietm, Nov 20 2014 11:53PM

Ah yes, I'm afraid that, with so much going on, a blog was inevitable. And, to be honest, there is just a tonne of stuff going on - most of it worth sharing ... some of it pretty interesting ... a lot of it deadly exciting ... and ALL of it to be written about.

Join us at, what we hope, will be an especially exciting bit: transforming the farm from a fairly dilapidated-looking wreck of a place into, well, something that does justice to the incredibly special environment that surrounds it - and somewhere that's capable of offering a very warm welcome, to one and all, in the hillsides.

Exciting times.

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