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Plans and possibilities

By julietm, Nov 21 2014 12:01AM

Casting back to 2012, a plan was hatched. Turned out that a whole load more were required before the original Plan #1 could even begin to get underway:

1. useless old barn, check;

2. tree growing out of it, check;

3. architects plans, check;

4. bat and owl survey, check;

5. structural survey, check;

6. access statement, check;

7. planning permission, check;

8. architect's drawings, check;

9. tender process, check;

10. building regs, check;

11. fire regs, check;

12. bat licence, check;

13. finances ... well, yunno, kinda.

This has to be the scariest, most exciting thing on the farm - an old barn with possibilities, and a plan. Correction: very many plans.

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