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Longwool Fleece (raw)


We've picked through this year’s Wensleydale and Longwool fleece and bagged the very best of it for spinners, felters, dyers, weavers and all kinds of woolcrafters.

The ultimate in traceable, this soft, silky wool comes from our own curly-fleeced flock of white and naturally coloured sheep. They are dominated by the characterful Wensleydale, a traditional rare breed, prized for producing the finest fleece of all native British sheep. Its distinctive lustre and kemp-free nature makes for a soft, silky finish whilst the long staple length lends strength.

This fleece comes fresh from the sheep, in a quality controlled way. It’s ‘in the grease’ and needs washing to remove the lanolin and inevitable dust, dirt, plant matter, hay and straw - nothing grimmer!  

Wash: by placing in a bowl of hand hot water, with a splash of eco-friendly detergent, and leaving to cool for a few hours (do not agitate); rinse by placing in a bowl of tepid water and leaving again for a few hours. Squeeze and spread out to dry. Then, use!

Certified organic: our sheep are farmed to the highest of farm animal welfare standards and our farm follows the most environmentally sensitive system of agriculture. This fleece meets Global Organic Textile Standards’ chemical residue restrictions so, you don’t need to worry about what’s in your wool when you wash it – just good old fashioned dirt, nothing ‘chemically’ sinister.

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