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Tops - Organic Lustre Longwool


Soft, silky, combed tops of pure Organic Lustre Longwool fleece from our fine-woolled flock of white and naturally coloured longwool sheep. They are dominated by the characterful Wensleydale Longwool, a rare breed of British sheep, prized for producing the finest fleece of all native breeds. The distinctive lustre and kemp-free nature of the wool is shown to best effect in worsted-spun yarns and creative felt work. It takes dye beautifully too.

Our lustrous fleeces have been scoured (washed), combed and blended, available in:
•     pearl (sheep white!)
•     silver
•     graphite

The fleece is certified organic: meeting the highest farm animal welfare standards and most environmentally sensitive systems of wool processing.

Handle and use: these soft, silken, worsted tops are perfect for hand spinners, dyers, felters and weavers.

Quantities: available in 150g packs of single colours or 50g each pearl white, silver and charcoal; and 50g packs of single colours.  

Care: hand wash by soaking in warm water with a gentle detergent, agitate as little as possible, rinse in cool water, squeeze and allow to drip until damp, then reshape and leave to air dry flat.

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